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Cheory is for students, lecturers, researchers, and academic institutions. At Cheory, lecturers, researchers, and academic institutions can find talented and enthusiastic students to help them with their academic research projects.

“Our mission in Cheory is to help academic researchers reach their goals faster and with better results”

Cheory is for everyone who loves advancement of science and knowledge

Students and in-trainings

On Cheory, you’ll see many research projects posted by university lecturers or institutions around the world and you can choose which ones you want to collaborate on and strengthen your academic research skills and resume. Cheory will alway be free for students and individuals-in training, it’s a promise!

Academic researchers and university lecturerers

On Cheory, you will have access to many interested, enthusiastic and talented students and individuals-in-training who are looking to strengthen their research skills and collaborate on your projects, its guaranteed that everything is done exactly as in an academic institution, except it’s faster and better!

Research institutes

On Cheory, institutions can post the positions they have available for new research position opportunities, its a lot faster and more efficient than traditional method for adding researchers to your team.

You can find collaborators for all tasks that fulfill authorship criteria for the subsequent publications

Conception or design of the work

Data acquisition

Performing the research experiment

Data analysis

The interpretation of data

Drafting the work

Revising the work critically for it’s intellectual content

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